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The Things Students Should Look For In ITIL Training Providers

Posted By Ranjan Arora on May 29, 2014 - 0 Comments

by Ranjan Arora

Technology professionals have many different ways to demonstrate their expertise to potential employers. They can show their education and experience working with various technologies. One of the best ways to do this is to acquire certificates that are widely recognized by the tech industry. For tech professionals who work with servers, earning an ITIL certification is the best way to show that they are experts in the field of server management and maintenance. There are many different kinds of training providers at which students can earn their ITIL certifications. Here is a look at the keys for potential students to look at in ITIL training providers.

Check for Accreditation

The very first step that students should take is to find a school that is accredited. Because accreditation means that students can use federal financial aid to help pay for their education, accreditation is often the difference between students actually being able to afford their ITIL certifications or not. Accreditation also lets student know that they are attending a quality institution in which they can be confident that the instruction they are receiving is of a high standard.

Look for the Right Scheduling

The majority of ITIL students are already working full-time jobs. This means that they need to find ITIL training providers that have flexible scheduling that will allow them to fit their ITIL classes around their work schedules. Luckily, most training providers are pretty good about this. Most of them offer their students night and weekend classes that will allow them to take care of their training when they are free of their work responsibilities.

However, some students may wish to earn their ITIL certifications as soon as possible. For these students, it is important to find a school that will allow them to take classes full-time during the day. These schools may be harder to find, but students who search will be able to find an institution that will cater to their need for accelerated classes.

Take a Close Look at the Instructors

One of the most crucial things any potential ITIL student needs to look at is quality of the instructors who teach at the school. It is very important to find a school that employs instructors who have a nice mix of both educational and professional experience. Instructors who lack the real-world, corporate experience of the current IT climate will not provide students with the most practical instruction. It is best to find schools who hire instructors who only work part-time. These instructors who teach part-time while continuing to work in the IT field are the best instructors to impart practical education that students can have full confidence in implementing in their own work situations.

Read the Reviews

It is also important for students looking at a potential ITIL training provider to ensure that previous students have had a good experience at the school. There are many online resources that students can use to check out comments previous students have made about the quality of the school’s instruction. Potential students should also ask the school to provide them with contact information of former students who are willing to talk about their experiences at the school. Any school that is not willing to provide this information may be trying to disguise the fact their former students were not enamored with the level of instruction that they received.

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